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    Global leading provider of cultural & sports industry integration solutions

    Global leading provider of cultural & sports industry integration solutions

    Global leader of integrated culture & sports industry solution provider
    Global leading provider of cultural & sports industry integration solutions

    Germany Cologne Exhibition FSB | Dafeng Sports Brings Chinese Enterprises to International Exhibition!
    Company News
    Entering the Expo: Dafeng Sports "Hit Directly" the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!
    Multimedia Center
    Sports Industry Makes More Brilliant Due to Dafeng Sports
    From the very beginning of its business, Dafeng has laid down its core values of “being honest and doing things in a down-to-earth way”. With the development of the enterprise, the company integrity-based cultural gene keeps pace with the times and continuously sublimates. The continuous cultural heritage makes Dafeng people confident, firm, steady and easy in the process of development.
    Typical Achievements

    Sports industry and cultural industry are the leading industries; digital arts technology and rail transit are the expansion; sports +, culture +, culture + sports +, culture + tourism + form core industries and radiate emerging industries; advantageous industries go hand in hand.

    Dafeng Customization

    Dafeng sports also provides Dafeng customized products for various sports venues, such as: National Sports Swimming Center Water Cube customized seats, Shanghai Pudong football seats, etc


    Taking customers as the center and market as the guide, establishing the core product team, integrating the industrial resources, achieving "win-win together": building the industrial chain and value chain, building a new type of cooperation relationship in the new environment and new situation, writing the miracle of Dafeng's growth and development!

    Sports technology Integration

    Design advantages: professional design team, with Sports Technology Design Institute, professional lighting and sound design institute, professional stage design institute, decoration engineering design institute.